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Q School 2017

Q School 2017 Is Open For Entry!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional snooker player? Here’s your chance! Get your name down for Q School 2017 where 12 players will earn a two-year tour card.

There has never been a better time to be a pro on the World Snooker Tour. During the 2016/17 season, overall prize money has topped £10 million for the first time, with 24 tournaments all around the globe. Winning a place on the tour really can change your life. So if you believe you have the talent and the dedication, enter Q School today, and chase your dream.

Q School 2017

How to enter: CLICK HERE for the online entry system

Entry deadline: Wednesday, 5 April 2017 (12.00 pm). Current Main Tour players who are unable to retain their place on the 2017/2018 Main Tour will be permitted late entry into the Q School and they will be notified accordingly.

When? The first event starts on Tuesday May 9th, and the second one starts as soon as event one ends.

Where? Preston Guild Hall

How many tournaments? Two. All entrants will be drawn to play in two individual knock-out tournaments which will be run consecutively.

How many tour cards? 12. The four semi-finalists from each event plus the top 4 on the Q School Ranking List, making a total of 12 qualifying places. After the first event, the names of the successful players will be withdrawn from the second Q School event and those players who they were drawn against shall receive a bye into the next round of that tournament. Players who qualify for the Main Tour will be required to attend a MANDATORY WPBSA induction day at the start of the season. World Snooker will reserve the right to refuse any player to compete should they not attend.
Tour cards are for the 2017/2018 & 2018/2019 Main Tour. Any WSL Tour places awarded to players are subject to WSL and WPBSA approval. In the event of a player qualifying for the Main Tour more than once through a recognised qualifying route, the selection will be based on chronological order with the first event in the calendar counting as the qualifying place on the Tour. The resulting available place will revert to a concession.

Entry fee? £600 All entries are non-refundable after the closing date except for those players who will have paid their entry fee to Q School and are subsequently invited onto the Main Tour via an officially recognised alternative qualification route. All players must be members of and in good standing with their National Governing Body at the time of entering and competing in the Q School. In the event of a dispute with a National Governing Body there will be an appeals process via the WPBSA Company Secretary.

Length of matches: Seven frames

Draw and format: All draws are random, with no seeding. The Format will be determined by the number of entries. The draw for each tournament will be made as soon as possible after the closing date and published on worldsnooker.com. The round structure is dependent on the number of entries and announced after the closing date.

What’s the Q School ranking list? A separate ranking list will be compiled during Q School with players earning 1 point for every frame won. During the 2017/2018 season, should the number of entries in any event fall below the required number of entrants, subject to commercial agreements, the highest ranked players from the Q School ranking list will be used to top up to the required number of entrants.

Age restrictions: There are no age restrictions for entry to Q School, however, the WPBSA and WSL reserve the right to refuse entry to any player under the age of 16 years of age as of 9 May 2017. Any player under 18 years of age as of 9 May 2017, must have their entry confirmed in writing by a parent or guardian before competing.

Dress Code: Dark trousers, shoes, collared plain shirt and waistcoat, however, no bow ties are required. No jeans or trainers are allowed.

2017/18 Calendar: Click here to see the provisional calendar for next season, showing when it starts and how many tournaments there are.


Barry HearnA message from World Snooker Chairman Barry Hearn: “Sport is about opportunity for all, regardless of nationality or gender, which is why we introduced Q School in 2011, to give as many people as possible the chance to chase their dreams and become a professional snooker player. Over the past six years it has proved the best and fairest way to allow players to qualify for the World Snooker Tour. And with 12 places up for grabs on the tour, if you have the ability and the belief, then your chances are good. The event will be played in excellent conditions at the fabulous Preston Guild Hall so there are no excuses. The best will rise to the top.

“And the Q School ranking list means you don’t have to gain a tour card to have the chance to play in ranking tournaments. For example Andy Hicks finished high up on the list to gain entry into most ranking events this season and he recently reached the semi-finals of the Shoot Out.

“Our tour is growing year by year. Within the past seven years, overall prize money has increased from £3.5 million to £10 million. And there is much more to come as we grow our sport across the planet. It’s such an exciting time for snooker – for fans and players alike. If you want to be a part of it, this is your chance. So get your entry in for Q School today!”

John Astley

John Astley came through q School in 2016 and has already earned £29,400 this season

2016 Q School Winners
Fang Xiongman
Christopher Keogan
Cao Yupeng
Chen Zhe
Michael Georgiou
John Astley
Alex Borg
David John
Craig Steadman
Jamie Barrett
Adam Duffy
Ian Preece

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