Gary Wilson
Wallsend's 27-year-old Wilson is back on the main tour after a long absence.


How are you doing so far this season?


Not bad, I had a great run in the European Tour event in Rotterdam, getting to the semi-finals. I actually played terribly but somehow managed to win matches, usually by clearing up from impossible positions which I suppose is a good habit to have. I had never previously been past the last 16 of a pro event so it was a step forward. I also qualified for the Wuxi Classic but lost 5-4 to David Morris. It was great to go to China for the first time although it would have been nice to win one match there. Every match I have lost this season has been in a deciding frame so that's a bit annoying.


Does having a two-year tour card help?


Yes definitely, especially with so many tournaments, it takes a lot of pressure off, you can just concentrate on playing snooker rather than worrying about the ranking list straight away. I believe I can get into the top 64 within two years.


It's nine years since you won the world under-21 title (pictured), do you feel it's taking you a long time to fulfil your potential?


Yes it has been disappointing. I was on the main tour for two years then dropped off in 2006 and since then I have wasted a lot of years. I was trying to get back on the circuit via the qualifying tours but didn't make it until now. I often considered giving snooker up, though I'm sure if you asked all of the players a lot of them would admit they have thought about that at some point. But I kept going because deep down I know I'm good enough and now I have the chance to show people what I can do.


Do you have a job outside snooker?


Yes, for the past four years I have worked as a taxi driver in Newcastle. It's suits me because I am self-employed so I can work when I want and take time off to play snooker. I hope to being able to pack that in and play snooker full-time, if I can earn enough from the game.