Vinnie Calabrese has earned a two year tour card following his recent victory in the Oceania Championship in Papua New Guinea.


The 25-year-old didn't lose a single frame in the championship, which featured snooker players from New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Australia, until he reached the final (Colin Bell writes).


Calabrese then defeated fellow Australian Matthew Bolton 6-5 in the final to gain a place on the World Snooker Tour for 2013/14 and 2014/15.


"This has been a dream and something I've been working towards since I started," Calabrese said. "But the hard work really begins now. I have to win a lot of matches in the next two years to secure my spot and stay on the tour.


"It's exciting times now for snooker as the game has been boosted over the last couple years with a lot of interest from China and Europe. Hopefully it's the right time for me to go pro."


Calabrese has to leave the warm climate and relaxed lifestyle of Australia, however he is familiar with the UK as he has spent much of the past five years in England, learning from and practising with his friend Neil Robertson.


"I've practised with a lot of the professionals," he said. "Once I start getting used to the tour I think I have the game to match it them. When I'm in full flight over there, I'll be playing for about six or seven hours a day and I'll have some great guys to practise with."


Calabrese's first event will be the Wuxi Classic qualifiers at the end of the month, followed by the qualifiers for a tournament he would love to make it to, the Australian Goldfields Open.