Barry Hawkins
Group Six of 2013 Championship League Snooker was won by Barry Hawkins who beat Stephen Maguire 3-1 to advance to the final winners' group in March.


It was the Englishman's third attempt to win through while Maguire has so far competed in five of the Championship League's six completed groups.


"I have been in good form lately and it has been nice to keep it going, to keep playing some decent stuff and I played quite well in the final tonight," said Hawkins.


"Stephen has been in three finals now and wanted to get through to the winners' group so he was trying his hardest but I played well and am pleased to get through such a tough group.


"There is only one more group left now so to know I will be in the winners' group is great. I managed to get in it last year but the line-up this year is probably the toughest ever, and I am delighted to be in it," he added.


Maguire, who started slowly as he lost his first two matches, powered through his remaining games to finish top of the table. He then beat Marco Fu in the semi-final. Hawkins, who had played well all through the week, made light work of Ryan Day.


Hawkins will now come back on March 20th for the final winners' group where he will be joined by John Higgins, Ding Junhui, Mark Allen, Martin Gould, Ali Carter and the winner of Group Seven.


Maguire will reappear in Group Seven along with Fu, Dale and Day and they will joined by Andrew Higginson, Tom Ford and Robert Milkins. Despite still remaining in the competition, Maguire has clocked up over £20,000 in prize-money as consolation.


Earlier, it was the one of the tightest groups in some time as four players tied on three points. Two of them, Fu and Day, made the play-offs; Dominic Dale returns for the final group in March, while Ricky Walden was eliminated from the competition along with Marcus Campbell who finished rock bottom.


The Championship League Snooker event is a venture between Matchroom Sport and Perform where 25 of the game's finest players compete with all matches broadcast on a host of betting websites.


Each group features seven players with each man playing the other six once in a round-robin basis. Every match is the best of five and the winner gains one point with the loser getting zero.


At the end of the league phase the top four advances to that group's semi-finals where the two winners meet in the final and the winner advances to the Winners' Group at the end of March.


The losing finalist, two losing semi-finalists and player finishing fifth move into the next group where they are joined by three new players and the process is repeated.


The winner then goes through to the final group on March 20th & 21st where big money is up for grabs. The two bottom players are eliminated from the competition, while the remaining four move forward to the next group to be joined by three new players.




Barry Hawkins 3-0 Marcus Campbell

67-25 (Hawkins 35), 129-6 (Hawkins 129), 86-30 (Hawkins 86, Campbell 30)


Stephen Maguire 3-2 Marco Fu

0-108 (Fu 99), 118-9 (Maguire 118), 94-7 (Maguire 75), 0-82 (Fu 76), 58-8 (Maguire 52)


Ricky Walden 0-3 Marco Fu

1-83 (Fu 50, 33), 26-67 (Fu 56), 6-72 (Fu 31, 41)


Ryan Day 1-3 Dominic Dale

63-79 (Day 53), 7-68 (Dale 32, 36), 70-52 (Day 36, Dale 52), 61-63 (Day 61, Dale 50)


Barry Hawkins 3-1 Dominic Dale

66-2 (Hawkins 44), 46-76 (Hawkins 46, Dale 76), 73-2 (Hawkins 73), 77-29 (Hawkins 70)


Stephen Maguire 3-1 Marcus Campbell

62-53 (Maguire 30, Campbell 30), 109-0 (Maguire 109), 17-95 (Campbell 40, 42), 61-36 (Maguire 53)


Ricky Walden 3-0 Marcus Campbell

66-31, 71-0 (Walden 71), 78-42 (Walden 45)


Barry Hawkins 1-3 Marco Fu

69-42 (Hawkins 44, Fu 41), 8-65 (Fu 38), 0-79 (Fu 79), 43-73 (Hawkins 39, Fu 34),


Stephen Maguire 3-2 Ryan Day

76-73 (Maguire 47, Day 67), 29-56, 0-137 (Day 137), 47-37, 103-0 (Maguire 103)


Semi Finals

Stephen Maguire 3-1 Marco Fu

86-0 (Maguire 41), 72-0 (Maguire 72), 0-88 (Fu 59), 63-7 (Maguire 53),


Barry Hawkins 3-0 Ryan Day

64-15, 58-10 (Hawkins 40), 71-57 (Hawkins 45, Day 36)


The Final

Barry Hawkins 3-1 Stephen Maguire

66-55 (Hawkins 65, Maguire 50), 28-76 (Maguire 76), 64-0 (Hawkins 62), 76-0 (Hawkins 46)


Century breaks

137 - Ryan Day v Stephen Maguire

133 - Ryan Day v Ricky Walden

129 - Barry Hawkins v Marcus Campbell

127 - Ricky Walden v Dominic Dale

118 - Stephen Maguire v Marco Fu

109 - Stephen Maguire v Marcus Campbell

109 - Stephen Maguire v Ricky Walden

107 - Marco Fu v Marcus Campbell

104 - Ryan Day v Marco Fu

103 - Stephen Maguire v Ryan Day

101 - Ryan Day v Marcus Campbell


Notes: Championship League Snooker is a joint venture between Matchroom Sport and Perform Group. Taking place from January to March, the event features 25 of the world's best players and is streamed exclusively to 29 major betting sites around the world.


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