Day one as it happened from the Wyldecrest Parks World Seniors Championship in Peterborough.


11.40pm: Thorburn: "I was really uptight. I was trying my hardest but it was really uncomfortable. Doug should have won 2-0, I thought I was out of it. But he's not played on TV for a long time either. I really enjoyed it, I enjoyed the pain. I've won a match now so there's no reason why I can't win another."


11.30pm: CLIFF THORBURN BEATS DOUG MOUNTJOY 2-1. The Grinder lives up to his name. Mountjoy had his chance to win it in frame two, after that it seemed inevitable that Canada's best ever player would edge his way through. He had much the better of the last frame and won it 47-13. Thorburn's top break was 33 in a match which lasted an hour and 41 minutes.


11.15pm: Lively atmosphere backstage, a crowd gathered around the TV screen as Thornburn and Mountjoy give everything for a place in the quarter-finals. Plenty of advice being given, most sentences beginning with "He should've..."


10.50pm: Ooooh....Mountjoy should have won it. A long safety battle on the brown ends with Mountjoy missing a fairly easy thin cut to a baulk corner, leading by six points with the blue sitting over the middle bag. Thorburn pots brown, blue and pink for 1-1. Into the decider and it could be a long one.


10pm: Mountjoy wins the first frame, clearing up after Thorburn rattled the penultimate red and left it over the opposite baulk corner. Doug has been in the snooker wilderness for many years so this would be an impressive return if he wins.


9.40pm: Morgan: "I saw Gary on the practice table earlier and he looked great, so I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm ecstatic to win. I just hope it's not a flash in the pan. Snooker is not my job any more so tomorrow I could be rubbish. I never thought I'd play that well because I don't play that much these days, it's 20 minutes here and there. That was like my glory days. It's best of three so everyone in the quarter-finals is a contender - just look at the last result with Dennis beating Nigel. If I play like that I've got a great chance, but I'm not getting carried away because there's a lot of snooker to be played tomorrow."


9.30pm: The evening's entertainment finishes with Cliff Thorburn up against Doug Mountjoy.


9.25pm: DARREN MORGAN BEATS GARY WILKINSON 2-0. Very, very impressive display from Morgan, who must now be considered a real contender for the £18,000 top prize. He eased through the first frame with a top break of 40, then took the second with a superb 83, the highest of the event so far.


9.05pm: Gary Wilkinson v Darren Morgan now and Morgan's crusing through the first frame.


8.55pm: Taylor: "That was the biggest buzz I've had for quite a few years. I was shaking as there was a lot of tension. We're playing for pride. I really enjoyed it and it was nice to have the crowd cheering for me. Nigel missed a chance in the opening frame and after that it went my way."


8.45pm: Quarter-Final Draw
Steve Davis v Dene O'Kane.
Gary Wilkinson or Darren Morgan v Cliff Thorburn or Doug Mountjoy.
Dennis Taylor v Jimmy White.
John Parrott v Karl Townsend.
The matches will be played in that order.


8.30pm: DENNIS TAYLOR BEATS NIGEL BOND 2-0. Taylor's 46 clearance in the opening frame was the highlight. Bond never got going and potted just one ball in the scrappy second frame, Taylor winning it 52-1. The 1985 Crucible king is into the last eight, and faces the tie of the round against Jimmy White.


8.18pm: Hello...big upset on the cards here as Dennis Taylor leads pre-tournament favourite Nigel Bond 1-0. Taylor made a tremendous 46 clearance, with the last three reds in unpromising positions. After a brilliant pot on the pink and a thin-cut left-handed black, he held his cue in the air and waggled his finger. Where have we seen that before?


8.10pm: White: "It's a different kind of pressure because I won it last year and I'm one of the favourites. It was a nervy first match and I took time to settle but I made a nice break in the first frame. I think myself, Nigel Bond, Steve Davis are the favourites now."


7.47pm: JIMMY WHITE BEATS TONY KNOWLES 2-0. A break of 62 gave White the first frame, and after Knowles made 28 in the second, the Whirlwind took control with a 59. Knowles battled for five snookers on the brown before White finally sealed it.


7.45pm: Knowles valiantly battling in the second frame, needing just the five snookers on the brown. He certainly can't be accused of giving in easily.


7.32pm: If you're wondering about the quarter-final random draw, it will take place during the session tonight, possibly after the third match.


7.30pm: Jimmy takes the first frame.


7.10pm: Fantastic reception again for the players as Jimmy White and Tony Knowles enter the fray.


7pm: Strange to have two events going at once but the UK Championship qualifiers have started in Gloucester with two matches being played tonight. Live scoring here. Daniel Wells is still looking for his first win of the season and it's looking good as he's 3-0 up on Kacper Filipiak.


6.30pm: Six of the players give the fans a treat with an autograph session as they queue up for the evening session. Looks like being a very good crowd again.


6.20pm: Parrott: "I thought we both played well. I lost the cue ball a couple of times because the table is fast. But I struck the ball ok and didn't miss many soft ones. I thought Joe might nick it at the end. I was lucky to snooker him when I missed the last red. He said he was worried about going in-off and he over-swerved it. It's a great event and it's nice to be able to watch everyone else sweat it out tonight."


5.30pm: Players and guests now enjoying a well deserved dinner. Play resumes at 7pm. Next up the clash of the 80s pin-ups: Jimmy White v Tony Knowles


5.20pm: JOHN PARROTT BEATS JOE JOHNSON 2-1. After John had build a handy lead with runs of 31 and 20, Joe had a chance to snatch the decider but missed an easy penultimate red at 30-51. John missed the last red and left it over a baulk corner, but was lucky to snooker his opponent, and Joe failed to escape.


5.10pm: Parrott in control of the decider, 44 points ahead with six reds left.


4.50pm: Johnson takes a scrappy second frame for 1-1, his top run 20.


4.20pm: John Parrott takes the first frame against Joe Johnson with a top break of 38. Joe was unlucky to go in-off when escaping a snooker on the last red, and John cleared up.


4pm: Townsend: "I'm over the moon to win. When I turned up at the venue this morning I felt fine, and I knew I would not be too nervous. I played ok, my long potting was good. I can only improve. To win the first game is massive. Steve's a very good player but I didn't give him many chances. A lot of my family and friends are here or watching on TV so it's nice to win for them."


3.50pm: KARL TOWNSEND BEATS STEVE VENTHAM 2-0. The all-London clash goes the way of TV debutant Townsend as he dominates the first frame with a top break of 34, and adds a scrappy second with a best run of 22.


3.38pm: Surprisingly Jan Verhaas has never refereed at a tournament with a shot clock before. He's officiating at Power Snooker in a couple of weeks so he'll have to learn the rules for that.


3.35pm: Interview with Willie Thorne here, and one with Stuart Carrington here


3.30pm: Townsend wins his first ever televised frame and leads Ventham 1-0.


3.25pm: Dene O'Kane: "It's the first time I've played under these conditions for more than ten years so I'm delighted to have strung a few points together. Especially the break in the last frame as I had a few tricky shots where I had to keep position. I've won three senior tournaments in Oceania this year so I can still play, I just don't have the preparation time these days. I work a lot selling real estate in New Zealand, plus I spent a lot of time last month watching the rugby world cup!"


3.02pm: Big moment now for Steve Ventham and Karl Townsend. Ventham last played on TV in 1983 in the Junior Pot Black final (he lost to John Parrott), while Townsend has never played on TV before. If you need to know which is which, Townsend is the one with virtually no hair.


3pm: DENE O'KANE BEATS NEAL FOULDS 2-1. Cracking break of 69 from the Kiwi in the decider sees him come from 1-0 down to beat former World No 3 Foulds.


2.45pm: New Zealand's finest levels at 1-1 so the second match has also gone to a decider.


2.30pm: Foulds wins the first frame but then plays a terrible break-off in the second. O'Kane, wearing half a black glove on his left hand, has a chance to build a lead in the second.


2.20pm: Neal Foulds and Dene O'Kane now battling to join Davis in the last eight. Foulds 39 points up with two reds left in the opening frame.


2.05pm: Steve Davis: "It was nerve-racking. It's not often these days I play in front of a big crowd, with all the TV cameras. No matter how many times you've done it in the past, you've got to show that you can still do it. Tony started well but then he gave me a bit of breathing space and I got to 1-1. In the last frame he missed a black and gave me a chance, I knew I couldn't afford to miss - it really got the juices flowing. It's just nice to have another match and to see what the atmosphere is like tomorrow."


1.55pm: STEVE DAVIS BEATS TONY DRAGO 2-1. Drago won the first frame with a break of 62, then Davis levelled in a fragmented second. Drago led 36-9 in the decider when he missed a black, and Davis kept his cool with an excellent 70 to win it. Last year's runner-up is into the draw for the quarter-finals.


1.35pm: Looks like the Nugget is going to make it 1-1.


1.25pm: Tony Drago wins the first frame of the tournament and leads Steve Davis 1-0.


1pm: Good crowd and a great reception for the players. Dennis Taylor, talking to Andy Goldstein at the top of the show, insists he won't be bothered by the shot-clock. "I beat Jimmy in an exhibition in Germany recently and by the end we were playing ten seconds a shot," says Mr 1985. "You can call me Tornado Taylor."


12.50pm: Andy Goldstein is presenting the show for Sky. John McDonald is the MC and the commentators are Clive Everton and Mike Hallett.


12.45pm: Davis can't resist a little dig about the (photo-shopped) picture of him on this website earlier this week which showed him playing left-handed.


12.30pm: All of the players are here and enjoying a catch-up in the VIP area. Steve Davis and Tony Drago are sharing the practice table as they're the first ones on at 1pm.


12pm: Just to clarify the rules on the shot clock: it doesn't start until ten minutes into the frame. After that it's 30 seconds per shot.


11.20am: Gary Wilkinson has turned up, chuffed to be playing on TV for the first time since the 2003 World Championship. He now works for World Snooker as an event assistant and jokingly asks if he's needed to do the press cuttings before he plays. Since coming through the qualifiers, Gary has been potting balls at Kirkby Billiard Hall in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, the club where he first started out. "I thought it might give me some inspiration," says the 45-year-old. "A few people have come along to watch me play as they've heard I'm on TV again, and they might even ask me to play a couple of exhibitions. It's nice to have a bit of a buzz from snooker again."


11.15am: The referees here are Jan Verhaas and John Williams. John retired from the pro game several years ago after taking charge of 11 World Championship finals.


11.10am: Jimmy White was on BBC Five Live last night talking to Colin Murray and Pat Nevin. To listen click here and scroll to 2:23:00