The Rocket equals Hendry with Tour Championship win in Llandudno!

Olivier Marteel

Olivier Marteel

Olivier Marteel

The Gent from Ghent took charge of the Crucible final in 2015.

Date of birth: May 10th 1969

Born: Nieuwpoort (Belgian Coast between French Boarder and Ostend)

Lives: Gijverinkhove (Near the Belgian Coast)

Highest break: Practice : 133 / Official game : 78

Qualified as a referee: 1994

First pro match: Masters Qualifying 2006.

Most memorable match: Of course it has to be the 2015 World Championship final. Earlier in my career, I remember the 2009 European Open Final between Tony Drago and Roy Stolk. Just magic! Tony Drago won his return ticket to the Main Tour 2009-2010.

Most embarrassing moment: Arriving in Aberdeen for the 2007 Grand Prix, but my luggage arrived 3 days later…

If you weren’t a referee what would you do: Spend much more time with my family.

Which is the toughest rule to apply: The simultaneous hit rule.

What do you carry in your pocket: 4 ball-markers, a £2 pound coin, a pen and a picture of my deceased grandfather.

Where do you get your gloves: Self-supply. I buy them from a Belgian manufacturing company that delivers to the Belgian Police.

Interests: Football (Standard Club de Liège), Medical books, Science Fiction movies