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Leo Scullion

Leo Scullion

Leo Scullion

Leo Scullion is one of snooker’s top referees and has taken charge of several major finals.

Date of birth: 10th April 1958

Born: Glasgow

Lives: East Kilbride

Highest break? 93 a long time ago. I would be lucky to get a 9 or even 3 nowadays.

Qualified as a referee? Grade 3-1984. Joined the PRA in 1999.

First pro match? It was 1999 during the days of the old Challenge Tour but I can’t remember who the players were. My first TV match was Stephen Lee v Patrick Wallace at the Regal Masters.

Most memorable match? I have two. Stephen Hendry v Mark Williams in the UK at York. They have 9 World Championship titles between them are good friends yet still had such a desire to win. Secondly Ryan Day v Ali Carter at the Grand Prix semi-final in Glasgow in 2008. It was just a great match and my first semi-final.

Most embarrassing moment? A match between Ken Doherty and Ian McCulloch in Aberdeen. We walked through the curtain only to find that I had forgotten to set up the table.

If you weren’t a referee what would you do? Anything which allowed me time with my family.

Which is the toughest rule to apply? The simultaneous hit

What do you carry in your pocket? Two ball markers;one blue, one black. £5 coin because its large and easy to handle, a pen and a small cloth to keep spectacles clean.

Where do you get your gloves? Dents gloves from Slaters menswear.

Interests? Playing golf, sport on TV, Indian food. I have recently discovered poker and play with other refs. I still try and play snooker when time permits.