Baize Watch: Episode 4

Brendan Moore

Brendan Moore

Brendan Moore

Referee from the snooker city who took charge of the Crucible final in 2014.Date of birth: February 17, 1972

Born: Sheffield

Lives: Sheffield

Highest break: 63, only the once. Never got close to it again.

Qualified as a referee: September 2002

First Pro game: September 2005, Grand Prix qualifier between David Roe and Patrick Wallace.

Most memorable match: Has to be refereeing the World Championship final in 2014.

Most embarrassing moment: I don’t think I’ve had one yet!

If you weren’t a referee what would you do: One of two things, either I’d still be a Bus Driver in Sheffield, which I used to be. Or I’d have a pub, I’ve worked in several bars where I’ve been the bar manager so it would be nice to have my own.

Which is the toughest rule to apply: The Simultaneous hit.

What do you carry in your pocket: 2 ball markers, a £5 coin and a pen.

Where do you get your gloves: Nowhere at the moment, no-one seems to be able to get hold of any. Luckily I have quite a few pairs still unused.

Interests: Playing poker with some of the other referees. I play snooker in the Sheffield League on a Wednesday night. Supporting Sheffield Wednesday and I’m a huge fan of American Football, especially the Miami Dolphins. Going to the cinema, listening to music, and spending time with my family.